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RPS13 180SX、S13/S14/S15 シルビア (R32/R33/R34 スカイライン)


What are these?
*These are bolt-on tie rod relocation 'offset rack spacers'.

What will they do for me?
*They're a simple way to overcome the old problem of the steering going over-centre when running with lots of steering lock. With aftermarket knuckles such as our own Geomaster Hub Knuckles this problem is further exaggerated! Normally, you would have to relocate your steering rack to overcome it and gain access to more steering lock, but now you can just buy bolt on parts!

What cars do they fit?
*They are designed to fit Nissan steering racks, but we have found they can also work on other cars as well.

What else will I need to fit them?
*When using these offset spacers you will have to reduce the length of your tie rod and end by 30mm.
Although they fit most Nissan steering racks without modification, some racks have a different orientation and will require you to cut new notches to accomodate the tabs on the offset rack spacer. This can be done easily with an angle grinder.
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